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FBI Blogger: Larry O’Brien



Twitter: @lobrien

Larry O’Brien is a software engineering consultant who moved to the Big Island after the dot-com crash. He is well-known in the computer programming community, having been the Editor-in-Chief of several magazines including Computer Language, Software Development, AI Expert, and Game Developer. He currently is a Contributing Editor to Software Development Times, for which he writes the Microsoft and .NET Watch column.

Larry and his wife Tina have been coming to the Big Island since the early 1990s and are avid SCUBA and free divers (Larry proposed marriage underwater). Larry enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee on Sundays at Puapuaanui fields in Kona. He’s the slow one.

2 Responses

  1. I’d like to get a copy of an old article you (I assume it’s you) wrote:
    “From Use Case to Database: Implementing a Requirements Tracking System,” Software Development, vol.4, iss.2, Feb. 1996, pp.43-47.
    I tried to get it at Dr. Dobb’s, but Sean Coady (scoady@techweb.com) has emailed:
    “Unfortunately I no longer have access to the old “Software Development” magazine archives. And not all of the older articles from the print edition ever made it onto the former website.
    I’ll keep digging to see if I can locate an old copy of it. But at this point, unfortunately, it looks like this article was never converted to html.”

    What I’m really after is published material on the nitty-gritty of getting from use cases to “classical” requirements. So far I’ve found zero articles on this topic.
    Can you help?

    Lou Taff

  2. @Lou,

    Unfortunately, I can’t help out. I don’t have access to my writing for “Software Development,” “Computer Language,” or “AI Expert.” 😦

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